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The Pack

After all of the preparation, we're finally ready to go!

We started booking this trip almost a year ago to the day but we've been thinking about it for so much longer than that! It still hasn't sunk in that we're leaving today and for me, I don't think it'll sink in until we arrive. We've spent countless hours budgeting, researching places to go, watching videos, making lists and more recently, packing everything we need for the next 3 months into suitcases and backpacks.

Because we're going to be in New Zealand for Spring/Summer and then heading into an Australian Summer, we've pretty much brought clothes for every weather possible. Coupling all that with a huge amount of electronics, camera gear and camping equipment, we've got a lot to bring with us! Even though we'll be living in a camper van for the majority of our trip, we have a few multi-day hiking and camping trips planned so have brought a lot of stuff with us to support that too like sleeping bags, ground mats, cooking gear, battery packs and above all, the bonus ping-pong rackets!!.

It's become a trend with us over the last few years to waaaaay over-pack for any sort of a trip but better safe than sorry! We're going to try and avoid buying any new clothes if possible and have been picking stuff up in sales at home over the last few months. Packing cubes have been absolute life savers for grouping stuff together and will come in handy for living in the van too.

As you can see from the picture below, I'm bringing an awful lot of photography gear including my camera, a few lenses, a GoPro, Rhino Slider, DJI Mavic Air drone, Manfrotto tripod and a few hard drives. Thankfully it all fits snugly into my LowePro bag so will all be safe wherever we go.

We leave tonight with 23.5 hours of flying ahead of us and a whole pile of movies to be watched between now and Friday. We'll try and keep the blog updated every week or so with what we get up to but we'll be putting some stories and photo's up on Instagram more regularly so keep an eye on that too!

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  • Gavin and emer ye will have a ball keep safe but keep those photos flowing say hi to the gang from all in daingean 😊

    Regina Cuskelly

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