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The Prelude

Hello! Welcome to our 100 Day Holiday blog!

For friends and family, this should be a pretty good way to keep track of our big adventure and for any of the general public that might see this, hopefully it'll be an enjoyable way to get to know two randomers over the next few months!

Anyway, here we go. First things first, yes it's 2019 and we're writing a blog. We had considered making vlogs of our journey but both my girlfriend Emer and I shudder at the thought of talking to a camera everywhere we go. Add to that the hassle of making a good vlog; setting up cameras as we travel everywhere and having to worry about editing the footage afterwards, we both said it'd take too much away from the trip. Also, I don't think I have a lens wide enough to fit my entire head into the frame!

Now that's out of the way, a bit of background. We are setting off on a 100 day holiday around New Zealand & Australia which includes a 72 day stint in New Zealand followed by a few weeks spent in Tasmania and South East Australia. We are departing on October 2nd (finishing work September 27th!) and returning home January 5th 2020. New Zealand has been on our bucket list for years and it being an outdoor lover's paradise, we decided to save for a massive trip of a lifetime to see as much of it as we could. We'll be living and traveling around in a camper van for our entire stay in New Zealand, seeing both islands and getting up to as many outdoor activities as we can find.

Below is a very rough map of our route with the major journeys included. We start in Auckland, travel north, back down again and then zig-zag across the North Island. We plan to travel around the south island in a bit of an anti-clockwise direction but stopping wherever we want along the way, finishing up in Christchurch.

A rough route of where we plan to go in New Zealand during out 76 days in the country.

Once our time in New Zealand is up, we fly from Christchurch to Melbourne where Emer's brother currently lives. We are heading to Tasmania for a few days in another camper van followed by around 10 days exploring Melbourne and the coast before we head back to Ireland in early January! We have loads of stuff planned such as jet boating, rafting, kayaking, swimming with dolphins, caving, camping and unlimited amounts of hiking for a start.

In addition to the blog, I'll be posting plenty of photos, time-lapses and videos of our trip on my Instagram page as the weeks go by so if that's of any interest to you, click here!

That's it for the first post! Keep in touch and any comments along the way will be greatly appreciated. Next post will be all about "The Pack".






  • Super excited for the two of you and can’t wait to see you both in December! Looking forward to the blog updates.
    Minds yourselves now xoxo

  • Hi Gavin,
    Best of luck on your adventure , pity I missed you last week. Thanks for all your support and help over the Years !! JK

  • Best of luck Gavin!

    Tony G

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