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Video Gallery

Below are some video projects I have shot and edited in recent years. I'm mainly focused on the outdoors, adventure, timelapse and sports but have shot weddings and other events in the past also.

All Over Ireland

All Over Ireland is a culmination of a years worth of adventures around the Irish landscape, capturing the passage of time and it's effects on everything around us. Hands down one of my proudest projects to date and something I've put hundreds of hours into.

 Ireland in Timelapse

I've grown to love capturing timelapses of the landscape in recent years. Lots of time spent hiking to locations with extra gear, setting up shots well in advance and hoping the gamble will pay off with good light can make it a very stressful experience at times, especially when you're only one tripod wobble or missed setting away from ruining hours of effort.

But when the shots turn out as you had hoped and you have a final product that encapsulates all of the driving, hiking, recording and editing you did to make it what it is, it makes it all worth it. Here's a compilation of some of the timelapses I captured over the summer of 2020 around Ireland.

2K From Home

With the COVID-19 lock down restricting travel for a number of weeks in Ireland in Spring 2020, I decided to put my free time to good use and explore some of the area where I live. This video is the culmination of many hours and over 40,000 photo's from my locality around Castleconnell, Co. Limerick.

Technical info; Shot with Sony A6400 & A6500 and Rhino ROV Pro Traveler. Edited in Lightroom, LRTimelapse & Premiere Pro.

Addicted to the Outdoors 2

A highlight video I put together of the travels my girlfriend and I did around Ireland in 2018. This video was viewed over 200,000 times on Facebook and was nominated for the Outsider Magazine Adventure Film of the Year 2018 Award.

Shannon Dragons 2019 Wellness on the Water Festival

A highlight video I shot and edited of the inaugural Wellness on the Water Festival held in O'Brien's Bridge, Co.Clare.

Irish Women's International Dragon Boat Team

I spent a day with the Irish Women's International Dragon Boat Team in Carlow in July 2018 to document one of their training sessions.

Shannon Paddlers Open Day

A short video I shot for The Shannon Paddlers Kayak Club in O'Brien's Bridge, Co. Clare on their open day in May 2018.

East Clare Paddlers River Safety & Rescue Course

A short summary video of a River Safety & Rescue Course undertaken by The East Clare Paddlers Kayaking Club in Scariff, Co. Clare.

Leanne & Darren's Wedding

A wedding video I shot and edited for two friends, Leanne and Darren, who were married in Clonmel in July 2019.